Today, after over five hundred years of existence. Ondo Kingdom has evolved and carved for itself a compelling stage  not only on the Yoruba landscape but in the national and indeed in the final analysis, on the global horizon.
An average Ondo man is very proud of his heritage. In a sense, what drives him is an undiluted focus to continue to lift the Ekimogun banner of the great Ondo Kingdom. The Ondo man is not just proud of his source, he is confident that the fact speaks for itself (res ipsa loquitur)u I. A venture into any field of human intellectual endeavour brings you face-to-face with the Ondo person. read more


The Osemawe  Ondo Development Committee was established by the Osemawe-in-Council and had its inaugural meeting on Monday 6th day of October 1986. The Committee with an initial Membership of thirty, cutting across different age groups and professions. All the High Chiefs: Lisa S.A. Oldapo, Jomu William Ogunye, Odunwo G. Akinyosoye, Sasere S.N. Agunbiade and Chief Odofin Ebun Olawole (as he was then) was made the Chairman. The committee was charged with looking into the developmental needs of Ondo Community and the progress and status of the Ondo Community within the larger context of Ondo State, as well as the deteriorating relationship between it and its neighbours. read more

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