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Ondo Kingdom: Resources

Educational Resources.
Ondo is one of the few kingdom in Nigeria that had the benefit of early education. In fact, first Secondary School was established in 1919.

The kingdom has about 140 public Primary Schools, 40 public Secondary Schools, 1 Federal College of Education, 1 private University and numerous vocational institutions.

Indeed, many Nigerian great men can trace their root to some of the schools in the Kingdom. Notably among them are Ondo Boys High School and St. Louis Girls Secondary School.

Agricultural Resources.
The two major agricultural products in the kingdom are Cocoa and Timber. Ondo Kingdom is the dominant base of the Cocoa and Timber produce in the country.
Also, the kingdom has a fair share of the Palm Oil production in Nigeria. It is interesting to note that the kingdom still has a huge expanse of fertile land for agricultural development.

Industrial Resources.
The dominant industry in the kingdom is the Timber processing factories popularly known as sawmills. The reason for this is not far-fetched – the abundance of timber plantations. One of the biggest wood processing factories in the world (NIROWI) was operational in the town some years back.
Also, the cultivation of Cocoa has brought the citing of Stanmark Industry (a cocoa processing factory) in the kingdom. There are few other industrial ventures in the kingdom.